Buddy Program

Buddy Program

More Friends. More Fun. Proven Results.

We've all been in a rut and know that one person that got us out. Exercising with a friend or co-worker is proven to help your (and their) fitness routine immensely. Working out with a friend:

• Doubles your chances to succeed
• Makes working out more fun
• Automatically creates more time to workout (since you'll be meeting at LSF instead of somewhere else)
• Is proven way to get out of a rut or plateau

If you are a member and would like to bring a buddy in, let us know so we can accommodate and be ready for them!

FACT: Those who work out with a Buddy come rain, snow, or shine and get results!

Helping others succeed is what it is all about. But if you're not a member yet and would like to try it out, click the button below.

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